A Taste of Harmony 2016



A Taste of Harmony, Australia’s workplace celebration of cultural diversity, will be back, bigger and better than ever this March 21-27, 2016.

The theme this year is ‘Every Taste Tells a Story’. You can check this out on website, your one-stop-shop to find all the ingredients you need to create harmony in the workplace.

This updated range of exclusive materials is designed to help spread the word to other workgroups in your organisation, create excitement and inspire people to share their cultural and food stories with their colleagues.

As always, A Taste of Harmony is fun, free and easy and enables you to improve social cohesion and reduce discrimination by creating a welcoming work environment. All you have to do is register your event online, pick a date in the week of March 21-27 and ask your workmates to bring in a special, multicultural dish to share.


For more information, visit the website or email: contact@tasteofharmony.org.au