Special price for Women in War Opera

Women In War, the new Australian contemporary opera, that premiered to critical acclaim in Europe, comes to the Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse for four performances from 30 July to 1 August. 
An international cast from Turkey, Greece and Australia perform the work of Melbourne composer Tassos Ioannides and librettist Deborah Parsons, under the direction of Alkinos Tsilimidos.  Women in War deviates significantly from the traditional opera.  It uses a contemporary cinematic story-telling approach, with naturalistic performances, to unfold a compelling narrative.  The original music score fuses different musical styles, making this a work of truly diverse cultural synthesis. 
In three languages: Turkish, Greek and English.

Women in War presents the female perspective of war and its consequences.  It delves into the contrasting mindsets of three female protagonists, an Australian nurse, a Turkish mother of a wounded Ottoman soldier and a Greek war widow, whose lives become entangled on the island of Lemnos during the Gallipoli campaign/Battle of Çanakkale.  Their story of finding reconciliation through love and compassion demonstrates the futility of war. 
Although set during the Gallipoli campaign/Battle of Çanakkale, this could be the story of any woman, in any conflict, anywhere in the world.


Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse, 30 July to 1 August 2015 | book at: www.artscentremelbourne.com.au

Special preview ticket prices for $30 – Thursday, 30 July only

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