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Level 1, 185 Faraday Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia
Areas of interest
The Foundation has adopted an active role to develop intercultural initiatives. It operates through consultation with all community organisations, institutions, other foundations, Government and employer and employee bodies. The following three categories reflect the Objectives and are the priority areas of interest for the Foundation.
Commitment and participation

Assisting all Australians to participate in bodies, organisations and institutions that are important to citizenship and community responsibility. Eg.

  • Charitable organisations
  • School organisations
  • Unions
  • Youth organisations
  • Employer organisations
  • Small business organisations
  • Professional organisations
  • Women's organisations
Promotion of awareness of our diverse cultures and their contribution to Australia's development

By encouraging the best use of the talents of its people and its human resources for the benefit of Australia.

  • English language and English literacy programmes
  • Increasing foreign language skills
  • Making the artistic talents of new settler groups available to all Australians
  • Programmes in the workplace
Increasing Tolerance
  1. Improved community relations
  2. Social justice
  3. Making use of cultural links between overseas communities and institutions and Australian residents so as to achieve advances for the benefits of all Australians in the following areas: Trade skills, Business skills, Craft skills, Tourism, Cultural education, Quality of life, Technology and Science.