ACT Chapter of AMF national MUSTER Initiative

ACT Chapter of AMF national MUSTER Initiative

ACT youth leadership group have developed a web series that is a one-stop-shop of information linking vulnerable Canberrans to service provider / charities offering COVID-19 support programs. The team tailored their web series to Canberra's refugee / vulnerable migrant / international student community engaging a range of service providers / charities in this space.

The aim of this web series was to utilise the networking power of young Canberrans to distribute information through service providers, community organisations and student social networks so this web series had a positive and effective grassroots impact in doing so, the team hopes that critical information can reach the people who need it the most. 

The web series includes:

  • a 5 min video (in English) providing an overview of Canberra based support programs, local government policies and general information around COVID-19; and
  • an accompanying infographic fact sheet translated into 8 languages that represent the most vulnerable non-English speaking backgrounds in the ACT community.

The link to the translated infographics:

The link to the video can be found here: