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Community Awareness Training Manual – eLearning Module



Community Awareness Training Manual – eLearning Module

The Community Awareness Training eLearning Module is an online course developed by the Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF) and built by Liberate eLearning. The content of the module stems from community resilience training undertaken by the AMF with community and faith leaders, private companies/organisations and government agencies and over the past four years in coherence with the Community Awareness Training Manual. This module exists as a product of the knowledge and community insight gained through this training.

As its name suggests, the module aims to build resilience in communities against all kinds of anti-social behaviour and promote social cohesion through education and community awareness. Being aware of the challenges facing communities, especially its young people, and knowing how to recognise the impact that these challenges may be having on an individual can help prevent a range of anti-social behaviours including criminality, substance abuse and violent extremism. The Community Awareness Training eLearning module aims to generate awareness of possible changes in the behaviour of family members, friends, colleagues and others in the community.

The module is designed to be completed from start to finish, however, the ‘MENU’ icon at the top right can be used to access different stages of the program. The ‘SAVE AND EXIT’ icon at the top right can also be used to save your progress and return at a later time. If completed in one sitting, the program takes roughly 90 minutes.  It is important that you have a computer or tablet with internet connection and audio to complete the program.

The eLearning module is designed to be used by service providers and community groups as a learning resource. Organisations are encouraged to consider havinge an introductory session with an Australian Multicultural Foundation facilitator to gain the maximum benefit and contextualisation of the eLearning module.

If you have any questions or would like to book an introductory session, please contact the Australian Multicultural Foundation by email or phone [email protected] or 03 9347 6622.

This project has been funded by the Australian Government.

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For those who require additional information, a guide to the eLearning Module can be used by individuals or facilitators to help contextualise the content. 

The eLearning Guide is available for use by clicking the icon below: 

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