An Introductory Resource Manual: Islam and Living in Australia

On Tuesday 29th October 2019, the Board of Imams Victoria, supported by the Australian Multicultural Foundation launched a a resource titled “An Introductory Resource Manual: Islam and Living in Australia”.

The resource was developed after the Board of Imams Victoria recognised the need to produce endorsed responses and talking points for religious leaders to specific topics which can often be misrepresented or misinterpreted. The 12-page manual will also be a useful reference for media organisations to assist in appropriate reporting on the Islamic community and its beliefs.

The resource provides a concise summary of Islam’s perspective on several important topics such as:

  • What is the real meaning of Islam?
  • Islam and Family
  • Islam and Violence
  • Islam and Multicultural Societies
  • Islam and Volunteering
  • Prayer and Worship in Public Spaces

Content of the resource was developed and endorsed by all members of the Board of Imams Victoria. This will be an ongoing piece of work with further topics being added to the resource as identified. 

Click here to download the resource.