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Managing Cultural Diversity Training Program



Managing Cultural Diversity Training Program

Managing Cultural Diversity Training (MCD Training) aims to enable small and medium enterprises to better understand cultural diversity and how to manage it effectively to improve workplace relationships, teamwork, productivity, market knowledge, community relationships, customer service and competitiveness.

  • Learn about cultural diversity in the workforce and the business case for managing cultural diversity
  • Identify and consider for your business the actual and potential impacts and benefits of cultural diversity
  • Increase your understanding of culture and cross-cultural interactions
  • Develop your cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills
  • Conduct a diversity analysis of your business strategies and operations
  • Develop an action plan for managing cultural diversity in your business
  • Learn about available resources and support services

The program has been produced by The Australian Multicultural Foundation and Robert Bean Consulting.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the Diverse Australia Program. For more information, visit

Download attached document – for Workbook
Download attached document – for Resource Manual
Download attached document – for PowerPoint presentation slides
Download attached document – for PowerPoint presentation notes

Contact AMF for advice and assistance in using the MCD Training resource.

  • Program development advice to adapt the materials to your business
  • Experienced training facilitators to conduct an initial in-house workshop for you
  • Assistance to train your trainers in delivering the workshop
  • Help in organising a public workshop for multiple businesses in your industry
  • Referrals to specialists and other agencies and resources