Multicultural Arts Professional Development (MAPD)


The Multicultural sector is in a unique position to capitalise on the growth of ethnic business in Australia and in expanding its influence over international arts and cultural markets. There is increased demand for culturally diverse arts programs, internationally and nationally.

MAPD is a national program that was co-managed by the Australian Multicultural Foundation and Kape Communications, in partnership with RMIT Business, and funded by the Australian Council for the Arts. The key areas of MAPD were Management and Leadership, Income Generation and Marketing. The program was tailored to those wishing to extend their skills in culturally diverse marketing and income generation.

MAPD online

The seven-day intensive program was followed by six months of online tuition. Participants were issued with a login number and participated through the MAPD website. The MAPD website also featured a forum through which all participants could communicate and discuss issues relating to their work and their projects. Notes and related information were delivered through the MAPD website.

Consultants as mentors

The MAPD program included one-to-one consultancy support of each participant. The participants were issued with a time sheet upon which they could log the time spent discussing their projects with the consultants in the post-intensive course period. The program coordinator, Fotis Kapetopoulos, was available throughout the period of the program, but the other consultants had a time limit placed on the level of direct support that they could provide the MAPD participants. This was to ensure that the questions raised or issues discussed with them were clear, succinct and of genuine relevance to the MAPD participants' projects. This was also to ensure that a ‘real world' scenario was developed in the MAPD program.

Participant projects

Each participant was required to bring to MAPD a project which they were currently working on, or one that they wished to actualise in the future. The MAPD program was then the forum in which participants could attempt to realise the project through the application of appropriate business, marketing and communication tools.

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