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Believing in Harmony



Believing in Harmony

The Australian Multicultural Foundation’s “Believing in Harmony” Project was made possible by funding through the Living in Harmony initiative.

Living in Harmony is a Commonwealth Government initiative administered by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. It aimed to promote community harmony within Australia ‘s culturally diverse society and make it clear that whatever our backgrounds and beliefs, we are united as Australians.

The project, BELIEVING IN HARMONY, was a national project that involved bringing clergy panels to schools selected either by the Education Department or Department of Multicultural Affairs, to provide students with the chance to hear first hand about traditions which may be different from their own.

Our aim was to develop openness to new knowledge, to develop curiosity and interest in the traditions of others, and to focus attention on belief and the notion of religion as a component of our society.

Following the “Believing in Harmony” forums held in schools across Australia, a Resource Manual for Teachers was developed so that all schools could participate in this project by hosting their own forum.

To download the PDF Resource Manual titled ‘Achieving Harmony through Religious Understanding – a resource manual for teachers’ please click here ‘AMF Harmony.pdf’ (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).