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Commonwealth Bank Australia Partnership with the AMF



Commonwealth Bank Australia Partnership with the AMF

The AMF is pleased to announce its partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

A focus and strong commitment to Multicultural Community engagement by Corporate Australia is critical to cultivating, respecting and celebrating the social cohesion of our diverse community.

CBA is leading the way as a pioneer in this space, promoting an engaged, inclusive and diverse workforce that is reflective of the community that we live in. They have committed to ensuring that their leadership teams replicate the cultural demographics of the Australian population by 2020.

They have an active internal cultural diversity employee network MOSAIC who are passionate about creating awareness, understanding and promoting the benefits of a culturally diverse workforce, and driving initiatives such as the introduction of a CBA branded corporate hijab for Muslim employees.

They have further demonstrated their focus by recently creating a dedicated Multicultural Community Banking Business unit whose vision is to position CBA as the financial services provider of choice for multicultural communities through authentic and meaningful engagement. These tangible actions are aligned to both CBA’s vision and the aims and objectives of the AMF, hence an obvious long term strategic partner.

CBA’s commitment to cultural diversity and its national and international reach as the largest corporation in Australia will assist the AMF in achieving its goals of promoting multiculturalism and social cohesion throughout Australia and internationally.

The AMF will work in partnership with CBA to further promote CBA as a recognised and respected corporate brand in supporting cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in the community.