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Fourth Diversity Matters Forum 2007

Fourth Diversity Matters Forum 2007

Johannesburg, South Africa
21st to 24th February 2007

Media and Diversity in the Commonwealth


The First Diversity Matters Forum was held in Brisbane, October 2001. It was a bi-partisan approach between the Commonwealth Institute and the Australian Multicultural Foundation. The forum successfully concluded with a number of resolutions and a Statement of Principles, which was forwarded to the CHOGM meeting in March 2002.

More than 80 participants from Commonwealth countries took part in the three-day forum designed to promote dialogue and encourage practical solutions fostering and celebrating cultural diversity. The forum focused on issues relevant to members of the Commonwealth.

The Second Diversity Matters Forum, hosted by the Australian Multicultural Foundation, the Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit and the Commonwealth Foundation, was designed to follow up and further develop themes and ideas that were initiated by participants in the first forum. In addition, the second forum was designed to develop and implement pragmatic approaches that Commonwealth countries can take on board as they work towards promoting social cohesion through acceptance and understanding between community and religious groups.

The third forum specifically looked at identifying multi-faith initiatives, issues and challenges for the Commonwealth with a view to recommending the establishment of a Commonwealth Multi-Faith Advisory Group. The Australian Multicultural Foundation, in partnership with the Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit, the Commonwealth Foundation, The Statesman, and the Monash Institute for the Study of Global Movements, co-ordinated a gathering of international speakers and practitioners from relevant institutions and NGOs within the Commonwealth.

The fourth forum was well attended by journalists, editors and managers of media outlets, academics and practitioners working in the Media. Johannesburg was a unique and special city to hold the 4th Diversity Matters forum given its culturally rich and diverse community. The forum provided a unique opportunity for people from across the Commonwealth to come together to discuss and share views and experiences in relation to Media and Diversity, including role of Media in Culturally linguistically and religiously diverse communities.

Click HERE to access the Media Toolkit for the Fourth Diversity Matters Forum 2007.