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Letters to Australia Reflections by Imana Sabrina: Three takeaways COronavirus leaves us with



Letters to Australia Reflections by Imana Sabrina: Three takeaways COronavirus leaves us with

Foreword by Meg Lee, Australian Multicultural Foundation

Looking back over the last two years, what do you see?

What can we learn?

As we try to find a new balance between the different forms of life we’ve lived these last few years, we have an opportunity to reflect, to learn, and re-imagine the path ahead. What was our thinking two years ago? And what about now, looking back on the changes we’ve tried, struggled with, enjoyed, or imagined since then?

An emerging writer called Imana Sabrina wrote a thought provoking piece at the beginning of 2020, illuminating various potentialities and capabilities that the pandemic revealed about us as a society.  She highlighted the opportunities for cultural change and the precedents for meaningful socio-political action which emerged with COVID-19.

In a rush to get ‘back to normal’, we risk overlooking the choices which lie before us, at this pivotal moment as we recreate our norms and priorities as a society.

And if we overlook a choice to pursue meaningful change, we make a de facto choice to forsake it.

We have spent the last two years learning about what is important to us, what our strengths and supports are, and what changes we need to flourish as individuals, as communities, as human beings.

Surely, if this means anything at all, it means that we have the tools– new tools and wisdom– to build healthier, more meaningful everyday lives, routines, and expectations for ourselves. We have an opportunity before us to redefine the boundaries of what is ‘normal’: let’s seize it.

With this in mind, we invite you to read Imana’s piece, ‘Three takeaways coronavirus leaves us with’.

What have you taken away from these last two years and how can you apply it in your own life?

How can we all apply it?

About the author

Growing up in both Indonesia and Australia, Imana Sabrina is strongly passionate in driving positive grassroots change in environmentalism, female empowerment, and economic development through partnership-building.

Graduating from the University of Melbourne in Economics and Management with a Diploma in Arabic Language, Imana has continuously advocated for social impact over the last five years. Imana is the co-founder of Bridging Us, a co-design consultancy bridging the gap between young people and decision-makers. Outside of her work, Imana truly enjoys walking by the river and binge-watching Brooklyn 99 for the millionth time!

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