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Level 1, 185 Faraday Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia

Metropolis 2007



Metropolis 2007

Migration, Economic Growth and Social Cohesion

12th International Metropolis Conference, Melbourne, Australia
8-12 October 2007

The Monash Institute for the Study of Global Movements and the Australian Multicultural Foundation hosted the International Metropolis Conference in Melbourne in 2007. The theme of the 2007 conference, ‘Migration, Economic Growth and Social Cohesion’, explored issues surrounding current patterns of future migration and its economic and social effects.

The Conference featured an extensive list of national and international speakers and covered themes including:

  • Conditions for social cohesion in diverse societies
  • Measuring social cohesion indicators
  • Constructing social cohesion in society
  • Comparative approaches to multicultural policies
  • Minorities in society and the relationship with racial profiling and anti-terrorist legislation
  • Proving a solution for irregular migration
  • Comparative policies to attract new settlers to regional locations
  • Recognition of overseas professional qualifications of migrants
  • Future research agendas for people movement
  • Comparative skill migration programs
  • The impact of ‘cherry picking’ of skilled workers on poorer sending countries
  • Comparative Asia Pacific/European-North American Migration patterns
  • Gaining economic advantage through migration
  • Migration in a borderless world – its security implications

Participants were also given the opportunity to participate in a pre-conference program designed to provide first-hand knowledge of cultural diversity in Australian life and its institutions in Victoria.

By meeting with representatives from government agencies, service providers and the business and community, delegates were able to establish networks and develop initiatives for the future.

Consequently delegates were given the opportunity to undertake one of three tours on offer. The themes for the tours were ‘Language, Employment and Settlement’, ‘Culture and Community’, and ‘Faith and Community’.