Our Community: Journeys to Australia

The Oxford Literacy Journeys titles feature the stories of children, their families and their belongings as they journey from all parts of the world to make their new home in Australia. They also include traditional tales from the families’ respective homelands.

Oxford Literacy Journeys, in partnership with the Australian Multicultural Foundation, provides resources that:

  • Inform teachers and students so they can openly and accurately discuss cultural similarities and differences
  • Are accurate and supported fully by the cultural group about whom the content has been written.

The fiction books are adaptations of traditional tales, and the non-fiction titles recount real journeys of people, skills, traditions and treasure artefacts to ensure that stories of how Australian culture has been shaped are not lost.

Oxford Literacy Journeys builds on the Values Education Program and the key values of a fair go, care and compassion, freedom, respect and understanding, tolerance and inclusion.

Sharing the journey of Oxford Literacy will help students:

  • Understand other people’s point of view
  • Encourage them to put themselves ‘in other people’s shoes’
  • Recognise similarities and differences between cultures

For more information, please visit the Oxford University Press website: www.oup.com.au