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The Resilience portraits



The Resilience portraits

Australian Multicultural Foundation Leilas Story 5
Artwork by Laila Tebassum

The AMF Resilience Portraits project is a celebration of community connectedness, resourcefulness, and resilience. Through the challenges of the last few years, we have found ways to stay connected with loved ones, connected with ourselves, and even to imagine new possibilities for the future. In the face of hardship, we have built on our strengths and used our creativity to give everyone the best chance to flourish.

‘The Resilience Portraits’ gives us a series of windows into some of the ways different community members- young and old, men and women- have achieved this in their lives and communities, and the insight they gained from the process. Emerging artists from Melbourne’s Muslim community have creatively represented these stories, in symbolic ‘portraits’ of resilience.

The AMF invites you to explore the stories presented here, and to view the creation of the artworks in the Resilience Portraits videos below. You will find videos in English, as well as various community languages, providing narrations to each artwork’s story.

We hope that viewers can see something of their own experience reflected in the stories shown here. Ultimately, this is a celebration of the creative and resilient ways that all of us have responded to, and even grown from, the unique hardships we each faced in recent years.

Ayesha’s Story – English

Ayesha’s Story – Urdu

MyCentre Food Relief Story – English

MyCentre Food Relief Story – Arabic
Roha’s Story – English
Roha’s Story – Turkish
Leila’s Story – English
Leila’s Story – Arabic
Abdul’s Srory – Turkish
Community Towers Story – Somali

Community Towers Story – English